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“JJ truly has a remarkable ability to quickly see right into the heart of the matter. She easily unearthed some of my unconscious blockages with compassion, clarity, and humor—all qualities I need to feel safe and open. Within the first 5 minutes of the session, I had the thought—this woman is the real deal.”
~iMa , Tree Campaigner


Four Steps Are Required to Prepare for Your First Coaching Session with JJ Joshua:

1) Please return this required intake form: Download the PDF document below and return it to JJ prior to your appointment via one of these 3 methods:

  • Scanned Email to

  • FAX: 360.647.5227 (must attach a cover page to: JJ Box #808)

  • Snail Mail: 1050 Larrabee Ave, Suite 104, PMB #808, Bellingham, WA 98225


         Formal Permission and Boundaries PDF

2)  Set yourself up for success by reading the five-page Pre-Session Preparation PDF document below. This information will set you up for maximum benefit and healing opportunity. Please read the entire document prior to our first appointment. Thank you!

          Pre-Session Preparation PDF

3) Compile five succinct questions that will serve as the agenda and direction of our session and email your questions to JJ Joshua, at least two hours before your scheduled appointment. Detailed information is included on page 3 of the Pre-Session Preparation document linked above to help you determine and format your 5 questions.  


4) Within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date, please make your payment via the Pay Pal at the links below.

​ ​Optional Supportive reading you may find helpful for your first session:

          Akashic Records and True Healing Info
          Two Wolves Teaching Parables

Coaching & Services Rates


First time client session for 90 minutes - $227.00

First time client session for (2) two hours - $287.00

Returning clients 30 minute minimum - $67.00

Returning clients 60 minute session - $130.00

Returning clients 75 minute session - $165.00

Returning clients 90 minute session - $195.00

Pay Another Amount - 

Donations - 

Payment Policy:

•  Please cancel a scheduled appointment within 24 Hours to avoid a 50% charge for that time. Thank you!

•  No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay. If cash flow is a concern, let’s chat about a win/win solution.

Thank You For the Opportunity To Serve You!