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Facilitating Inspired Healing & Intentional Living for Over Twenty-Five Years

"Ever feel like you are

standing in your own way?"

Life coach and small business consultant JJ Joshua combines her unusual professional experience with a rare visioning ability to support your next personal growth breakthrough.  JJ’s intuitive life coaching helps you unlock hidden potential. Become empowered to reduce stress, increase resilience, and create greater happiness for a more meaningful life.

JJ's Intuitive Life Coaching
Can Help You

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  • Thrive through major transitions

  • Navigate a life or health crisis

  • Reveal beliefs that may be sabotaging your success and well-being

  • Design power-packed strategies for launching new projects or businesses

  • Undo the ravages of guilt, shame, shock, trauma and PTSD

  • Connect you to your higher self and evolve your spiritual life

  • Access the Akashic records to clear root causes of pain and persistent patterns

  • Transform daily habits

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“My life has never flowed better than it does now. I feel great! JJ Joshua has guided me to insights that are beyond life changing.  I am much more "at peace" and the happiest I've ever been. Working with JJ continues to be the best investment I have ever made!"

  ~ D.R.B. Financial Services Professional, Business Owner

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JJ's Unique Coaching Services

  • Intentional living with Akashic record review

  • Healing Your Habits for a Stronger You

  • True forgiveness support and training

  • Consulting for businesses desiring increased intentionality and a strong values-driven culture

  • Blessing, balancing, and clearing properties and businesses

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