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Intuitive Life Coaching, Training, Consulting, Personal and Professional Breakthroughs


More Value Than I Ever Expected

“I got a lot more value from my session with JJ than I ever expected! The subject I came to her for turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. Now after my session with her, and doing the simple assignments she gave me, that entirety of that cold, dense iceberg that was hidden painfully from me, is in the light and is nearly completely melted into clean, healing water! I feel lighter and freer now that I have worked with JJ Joshua! “
~PJK, Photographer

  • Intuitive Life Coaching with Akashic Record Review

  • Executive Life Coaching for Values Driven Business Leaders

  • Heal Your Habits Heal Your Life Coaching and Strategies

  • Consulting, Coaching and Training Services for Businesses

  • Corporate Spiritual Advisor

  • Lifestyle Support for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

  • Lifestyle Support for Healing and Helping Professionals

  • Forgiveness Training and Support to Clear Guilt and Shame

  • Soul Chakra Clearing and Balancing to Enhance Well-Being on All Levels

  • Release Toxic Overlays from Cultural, Family, Religious or Institutional Influence

  • Soul Level Preparation for Marriage and New Partnerships

  • Soul Level Divorce, Partnership Dissolution and Grief Release

  • Home/Office/Land Clearing and Balancing—On-Site and Remote

  • Sacred Confessional to Release Deep Shame or Guilt

  • Custom Spiritual Practice Designed by Your Higher Self

Intentional Living and Personal Development Seminars and Workshops :

  • The Worthiness Way Seminar Series for Individuals and Businesses

  • Heal Your Habits Heal Your Life Seminar Series

  • The Intentional Edge Seminar Series for Individuals and Businesses

  • Winter Blues Buster (90 minute tele-seminar)

  • Spiritual Hygiene for the Healing and Helping Professionals

  • Spiritual Hygiene for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

  • Custom Workshops Developed for Your Group or Business

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