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Since 1998, across the mainland US and Hawaiian Islands, I have successfully cleared and blessed over 100 properties. The comprehensive balancing removes negative entities [ungrounded spirits], unhealthy overlays, and inherent imbalances that result from man-made construction. Every type of property can benefit from this approach. A few of the properties I have cleared and balanced include: A 27th floor Chicago apartment, office spaces of all sizes, a derelict home, Civil War trenches, an ancient battlefield on Maui, and a 38 acre site being readied for a thirty home residential development.

I utilize the Perelandra Nature Research Center tools and processes combined with my own intuitive abilities to strengthen and balance geopathic zones, atmospheric zones and structures of any property. After the clearing and balancing, your property will be imbued with your intentions and goals for increased well-being.

Standard homes on a standard city lot, offices spaces up to 5,000 square feet, apartments and condos, properties of two acres or less, can be cleared remotely. Larger projects require an on-site process. Project fees are relational to the scope of the project and time required.


Please reach out for a FREE 30-minute discovery conversation to discuss your property, your goals, and to receive an estimate. 

The Results Speak For Themselves
“All I can say is WOW! Working with Jennavieve to do a land clearing, balancing and blessing, for the Whitehorse project was mind and heart expanding! It was the largest building project we had ever attempted encompassing 38 acres, 30 home sites and one road. Not only did she guide us through a step-by-step process honoring the earth, land, and energies present, she helped us develop intentions for the subdivision that are in concert with the landscape around us. We are still following today a process each time a new home begins construction. The results speak for themselves.  We have happy homeowners and happy land that seems to be vibrating joy! Thank you JJ!”
~ Beth and Mark, Whitehorse Development, Moab

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