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Additional Services

Additional Services to Support You on Your Path
Scroll Down For More Information on Each of the Following Services:
  • Consulting for Businesses Desiring a Value Driven Culture

  • Soul Chakra Clearing and Energetic Balancing

  • Release Toxic Overlays from Family or Religion

  • Sacred Confessional to Release Deep Shame or Guilt

  • Provide Spiritual Divorce at the Akashic Record Level

  • Sacred Confessional to Release Deep Shame or Guilt

  • Personal Development Seminars and Workshops

Consulting for Businesses Desiring  A Values Driven Culture

Please call for a needs analysis conversation of how I might serve your organization. Below is one client’s perspective on my consulting and training services.

High Growth Experience 
“As a business owner, one of my first choices is to determine what we will value as an organization, our own unique driving values. A primary value I established for my organization was that we create an environment where the team could bring their ‘whole selves’ to work—their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. I refer to this as PEMS.  Working with JJ as been a high-growth experience for me to ensure that I live in balance and strength as I grow personally and grow this company within the ever-changing climate of international business.

JJ has also served as a life coach within our organization offering individual coaching sessions and custom seminars to my staff. In 2014 we implemented the Worthiness Way Project with the intention to heal and let go of that which does not serve us any longer such as, thoughts, undermining patterns, and limiting beliefs. The Worthiness Way Project has freed my team up to experience work and life in ways they never thought possible.  JJ has served as a valued consultant to me for over seventeen years. I earnestly recommend JJ’s work to any leader choosing to create a highly intentional and values driven business culture. Thanks JJ!”
~CTR, Founder and CEO of Global Corporate Consulting and Training Firm, Author

Soul Chakra Clearing and Balancing

This process includes a detailed viewing, clearing and balancing of your chakra system, your aura and physical body to determine any energy leaks that may be troublesome. This is like an energy cleansing and tune up for your entire beingness. This is very helpful after surgery, prolonged illnesses, or any intensive stress or trauma experienced.

Release Toxic Overlays from Cultural, Family, Religious or Institutional Influence

An Intuitive Life Coaching session can identify if you have any vows, promises agreements or energetic overlays from any family or institutional affiliations that are currently blocking your health, wealth, happiness and over all well-being. When these overlays remain undetected, they can wreak havoc on our total well-being. The Higher Self will then direct us as to the custom clearing strategy that is best for you and the circumstance.

Sacred Confessional to Release Deep Shame or Guilt

I provide a safe, confidential place to bring to the light your perceived guilt, shame or regrets, so they may be released into the forgiving light of Divine Love.

Provide Spiritual Divorce at the Akashic Record Level

Many people go through divorce yet they don’t really feel divorced. They experience inappropriate ties to their previous spouse. This is often due to incomplete severing of enmeshments at the soul level. A deep clearing at the Akashic level, performed by just one of the partners can free you both up to live more present and meaningful futures. 

Seminars and Workshops

Teleconference and live seminars are available

to your group or organization. 

  • The Worthiness Way© for individuals and small businesses

  • The Intentional Edge© program and booklet

  • Spiritual Hygiene for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

  • Healing Your Habits for a Stronger You!

  • The Forgiveness Lifestyle

  • The Winter Blues Buster

  • Custom designed seminar workshops

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