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Forgiveness Coaching

True Forgiveness and Letting–Go Support and Training

Human beings suffer greatly from perceived guilt, shame, self-hatred, bitter grievances, victim consciousness and fear. I know of only one approach to healing these conditions that works for everyone—True Forgiveness. Each person requires a unique and tender approach for allowing True Forgiveness.  (click here for more information on True Forgiveness)

Listed below are a few outcomes common in the healing and forgiving process utilizing, Intuitive Life Coaching with Akashic Record Review with JJ, to facilitate the miracle of True Forgiveness:

  • An energy clearing to start the healing and forgiveness process

  • Teaching the skills and habit of daily energy clearing to support healing

  • Releasing/managing obsessive “revenge thinking” or the need for “justice”

  • Identify in which chakras the primary wound is being held and initiate release

  • Determine if any past lives are influencing the cause of this pattern or grievance

  • Design a specific healing strategy and daily practice to help you get free

  • Provide a safe non-judgmental place for confession if required


Follow up forgiveness coaching sessions to help you deepen the forgiveness practice

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