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Heal Your Habits, Heal Your Life

Our Habits are the Foundation and Architecture of our Lives

Do you have one habit you REALLY want to kick? Do you have one habit you REALLY want to make rock solid in your day-to-day life? The Heal Your Habits Heal Your Life program is designed to get you started strong and fast with new habits!

Four elements are required for successfully changing habits: monitoring, solid foundation (rest, water, food, de-clutter), scheduling, and accountability. Together we will design a custom program to help you with overcoming bad habits and building a habit structure that will make you stronger on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Your Higher Self will guide me to design a program that you are truly ready for! Call me for a free 20 minute discovery discussion of how this may work for you and your goals at this time.

Showing Up For Myself

“Today is my 66th day on the Heal Your Habits, Heal Your Life program using my accountability chart. I call my chart my “showing up for myself checklist”. The changes I have noticed in myself and my life in just 66 days is absolutely amazing!  I feel awesome showing up for myself each day and developing lasting healthy habits.  I cannot wait to see how I feel at 96 days and a year from now! I love being able to check things off on my list everyday as a reminder of the goals I am accomplishing.  I feel solid and strong in my new habits and I plan to make showing up for myself on a daily basis a lifelong goal. JJ’s coaching and the Heal Your Habits, Heal Your Life program, has changed how I live every day. I adore this process and highly recommend it!”
~ALG, Massage Therapist

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