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Thoughtful Thursday Videos from Life Coach JJ Joshua

Finish 2020 Strong! ~ Thoughtful Thursday with Life Coach JJ Joshua

Finish 2020 Strong! ~ Thoughtful Thursday with Life Coach JJ Joshua

This week JJ invites you to join her for her FREE Webinar, Friday, December 11, 2020 at 9 am Pacific time, Noon Eastern, USA. The topic is: "Finish 2020 Strong & Clear" The Webinar is all about the strategic use of conscious completions! This Webinar will include a fun and informative presentation followed by a generous Q & A. This is a coaching tool JJ has been sharing for 25 years. One of JJ's clients said: “I can’t believe what a difference these simple tools have made in my life! Thank you JJ, for helping me to live in much greater peace and effectiveness. It seems too simple to be so powerful, but WOW, this stuff really works!” — Sherri K. This Webinar is loaded with practical tools and stories. The "Finish 2020 Strong" Webinar will help you: • Release stres, fear and resentments • Let go of unconscious blockages to progress • Easily align with the power of the present moment • Strengthen your ability to make purposeful and lasting changes • Let go of unhealthy attachments from 2020 or any other time in your life There is limited seating for this Webinar. However, it will be recorded if you can't join us live. In order to receive the recorded link and detailed handout you must register in advance. You are invited to a FREE Zoom webinar. When: Friday, Dec 11, 2020, 9 am Pacific Time, Noon Eastern Time (US and Canada) Topic: Finishing 2020 Strong to Create an Extraordinary 2021! To register in advance for this webinar go to: Hope you can join us! From my heart to yours may you have a strong finish to 2020 and an extraordinary 2021!
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